Actualism® provides a safe, step-by-step progressive training in an energy-focused meditation. Each class provides inner lightwork training to bring about the gradual awakening to your true Self. Pain, depression, anxiety, and confusion may be healed from within. With a trained teacher, you can learn to tap into and direct higher resources within and throughout yourself to enrich your life. The STAR PATH is a step-by-step process of enhancing and accelerating spiritual growth toward wholeness and enlightenment. Every human being is on an evolutionary journey of return—a homecoming—to awareness of his or her Actual Self, and of the design and purpose of life. Using ancient techniques in a modern formulation, those on the STAR PATH work with inner “light-fire” energy tools and techniques to increase the joy of living, to heal oneself and others, to enrich creative inspiration and expression, and to solve problems in all areas of life.

An ancient teaching that trains you to experience your untapped potentials for creative self expression and effortless communication with all forms of life in your world. Actualism is a process of awakening and enlightening your mental, emotional and sensory awareness in a step by step manner so that you experience a clear knowing and balanced feeling of illumined personality mind. The techniques use directed meditation with energy tools and inner light fire to illumine darkened consciousness and consume awareness-obstructing conditions.

Actualism is not a philosophy, even though it’s based on essential teachings and sacred traditions rooted in wisdom, love, and good will. It is a practical approach that embodies the actual design of life and living which is that all life forms of life are energy systems interacting with eachother on many levels, all of the time. Once you realize that you have limitless sources of pure life energy within and all around you, you will have found the light side of life.
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