Six 2-hour Sessions taught in succession: The goal of this Stress Management course is to provide practical techniques that promote relaxation, and facilitate self –exploration. The techniques taught enhance your coping skills and improve your ability to function productively. This provides the self-knowledge, which leads to the kind of decision-making, which is based on what you actually need and want.

One, Two-Four Hour Workshop: The goal of this workshop is to teach techniques with Light Fire Energy that work with the many physical, mental, and emotional challenges
to women. These techniques help to cleanse and strengthen the consciousness of the female structures enhancing the sense of one’s well being. This safe intimate forum facilitates a warm and supportive workshop environment.

One, Two-Four Hour Workshop: In this workshop you will learn the methods of relating to dreams as learning experiences, which are illumined by enlightened awareness, Light-Fire Energy, and the love of actual self. These steps can be taken when you first awaken from a dream or when spontaneous recall occurs anytime during the day or when you practice a light work session for enlightened dreamwork.
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