Seven 2–hour Classes taught in succession: The purpose of this seven-course training is to provide
a tested, safe step–by step framework of getting to know yourself in a new way. It is a systematic approach to exploring and integrating every aspect of self: physical, perceptual, emotional, mental and spiritual. You will discover, or become more deeply acquainted with, resources within yourself
for more enlightened and energetic living. Because these inner life-energies work with all aspects
of self, you will be able to select how you wish to apply them to practical everyday life, relationships, professional growth, which will inspire insight into your unique Actual Self.

Six 2-hour Classes taught in succession: This six-session course trains students in a modern form of meditation based on ancient principles. This form enables them to focus on and work with issues in their daily lives in a way that also serves their spiritual development. They will learn how to gather and focus their awareness to enable them to experience more of their inner resources. They will learn to utilize these resources to interrelate mind, body and spirit, to heal relationships with others as well as within themselves, to become more perceptive in their interactions with their surroundings both of greater enjoyment and for greater self-protection, and to process and remove self-limiting and stress-producing patterns of consciousness and behavior.

Six 2 –hour Sessions taught in succession: This six session course will examine attitudes that relate to loss or death, and the dying process, to crises of various kinds, and to the changes that are a part of daily living: grieving, letting go and moving on. People’s attitudes toward and feelings about loss or death are simply the most extreme forms of their attitudes about the vagaries and inevitabilities of living. As we explore and perhaps change our attitudes about loss or death, we find that we able to handle all kinds of crises and changes more easily and effectively.
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