Brings the student further awakened personality systems, and introduces them to more functional aspects of Lighted Beingness. Now we are trained with powerful light-fire tools in freeing the personality self from imaged illusion, delusion and hallucination hidden deep within the many levels of consciousness. The student finds increased harmony, and is less reactive and judgemental towards others. The student comes to perceive the deeper meanings of Essence within the outer appearance of form: the synthesis of Body-Mind-Identity-Spirit. Training at this level emphasizes leadership capacity, demonstrating goodwill, love, and wisdom in professional and personal relationships and situations.

Trains the initiate to use the limitless life force from deep within and navigate with enlightened awareness in both subjective and objective levels of consciousness. The student will move with greater awareness from level to level and dimension to dimension. The student will learn to relate internally and externally along lighted interrelationship lines with awakened knowing, feeling and sensory awareness of the interdependency between each living form within his own systems and with all other life form. The initiate will stand as a fully committed Planetary Lightworker.

As personal development becomes more refined, the emphasis for the initiate shifts to planetary service. Only as we participate actively in the problem solving needed to improve life for all can we manifest our full potential.
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