Follows with 30 training sessions that set the foundation for personality transformation. In the first half you learn to work with a whole spectrum of life energies to enlighten awareness and increase sensitivity to your inner resources for healing, problem solving, creative expression, harmony with
all forms of life and many other applications. In the second half you are introduced to the higher frequency dimensions of life where you exist as a multi-dimensional being, expanding your perspective and understanding of life on earth.

Is the first of four advanced degrees of initiatory training for which you may qualify that continue the progress and refine the skills learned in Basic with more power and precision. The path from initiate
to adept involves the discipline of practice and the patience of step by step growth and development. Initiates may be called to enter into training leading to ordination in one of the three ministries of Actualism, which are Teaching, Healing and Service.

Here we begin the process of Soul Light infusion of personality systems. The Soul is the first unobstructed, totally lighted body. The term “Soul Body” is fully united in consciousness with
the immortal One that you are and can unite with any Soul in a perfect giving and receiving communication. The Soul-enlightened personality can experience union with other lighted ones throughout the planet and tune into mass-minded images that are polluting the environment. At
this level, we each are able to use our light to aid humankind and the earth through service.

Teachings Continued
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